Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cast of Characters

Dear friends: I thought you might like to know the characters in Keep Eyes Behind. If there is any character you would like to know more about, please ask, and I will write a brief bio.
Here they are: (The family name is subject to change before publication, but the characters will remain the same.)
The Moradian - Mohabeen family:
Mamajan - Shokat Khanum, the family matriarch, the children's grandmother
Mama - Layli Moradian Mohabeen, the children's mother
Uncle - Amin Moradian, the children's uncle
Baba - Dayan Mohabeen, the children's father
Maryam Mohabeen - 12 year old daughter, story narrator
Naim Mohabeen - 8 year old son

Other characters in order of appearance:
Mirza Beyzad/Uncle Bey - friend of the family
Mr. & Mrs. Zayhabe - cafe owner
Medi al-Bezi - horse owner
Various horses
Mr. Fadhan and family - horse owner
More horses
Servant of the caravanseri
2 donkeys and a camel

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